HeroFront is a veteran owned podcast. We listen to inspiring stories from some of the greatest "heroes" around the world to include leaders in business, inspiring authors, innovative entrepreneurs, and motivational speakers. They all share stories of resilience and hope to inspire those struggling with their mental health. Some of these heroes you have never heard of until now.

Sit back, relax, and let's listen to a LEGEND build their legacy.

Recent Episodes

The Dawn of The “Veteran Influencer” w/Janae Sergio & Darielle LIVE! From Black Rifle Niceville

Nov. 30, 2022

Topic Time Stamps: 0:00 - Introductions 1:05 - Random (fun) questions 6:40 - Transitioning out of the Military 16:00 - The dawn of the “Military Influencer” and how to navigate it 28:25 - The direct connection of leadersh…

Nathan Coy and THE Wartime Leadership Podcast HEROFRONT TAKEOVER! - LIVE from AFSA!

Nov. 15, 2022

Hey team, Nate here, talking over HeroFront on this special episode! The beauty of proving people wrong, faith, the power of podcasting, lessons learned from being a M.T.I and as a Airman Leadership School Commandant, and th…

Daniel Faust - A Master's in your spouse, Bachelor's in your kids, and Associates in your coworkers

Nov. 2, 2022

Connect with Daniel here! Daniel is a 21 yr AF veteran that helps others transform their lives from the bedroom to the boardroom. Currently he is podcast/tv show for Warhero2Superhero whi…

Ian Eishen - The “Tony Stark” of The Air Force

Oct. 19, 2022

Ian Eishen is the SEL for the CSAF Strategic Studies Group and Presidential Leadership Fellow with 22 years of experience transitioning emerging technologies into the DoD. He has spent the last and three years developing eme…

General David Goldfein (retired) - Reflecting on His Time as The 21st CSAF and Memorable Moments Over His 37 Year Career

Oct. 15, 2022

General Goldfein retired from the U.S. Air Force in October 2020 after a distinguished 37-year career, culminating as the country’s highest-ranking air force officer. As Chief of Staff, General Goldfein was responsible for o…

CMSgt Robert C. Shultz - Why Leaders Need To Prioritize Their Team’s Mental Health

Oct. 12, 2022

The Air Force Wingman Outreach Team sits down with CMSgt Schultz - The Command Chief of the Air Force Sustainment Center. We have a candid talk about how to take care of our own Mental Health and how leadership can bring th…

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when subordinates fail to meet an expectation, it is because they are missing something… ability, information, or motivation. It is up to “US” as leader…

A story about hope, resiliency, and overcoming trauma

I was sexually assaulted at my first duty station. I think the worst part was that it was someone I knew. The others present that night did nothing to st…

The Leader Within: Don't Wait For A Promotion - Give Yours…

“become the best version of ourselves we can possibly be”.  Our time on this earth is finite, and it doesn’t help anyone to play small with our dreams.