March 30, 2022

Bryenna Brooks-Mcconnell - 'Navigating The Storm Within' A Combat Medic's Story - Ep 32

Bryenna Brooks-Mcconnell - 'Navigating The Storm Within' A Combat Medic's Story - Ep 32
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TSgt Bryenna Brooks-Mcconnell speaks on the harrowing RPG attack her convoy was hit with on June 3rd, 2011, being awarded the Purple Heart, and a 12 Outstanding Airman of the Year for the Air Force. Bree goes in-depth on the day she was attacked and the depression, PTSD, and TBI struggles that played a major role afterwards. She also gives us hope and inspiration as we hear how she has fought for herself and her family to live a happy and purposeful life. She is still serving today! Conversation time-stamps w/Youtube video links 0:00 - Intro 2:45 - what celebrity would play you in a movie 3:43 - What’s you dream assignment? 4:40 - What are you reading right now? 8:40 - Proudest Air Force moment? 10:30 - Whiteman AFB Wall of Heroes 13:08 - Why being a 12 OAY is the best (and worst) thing ever 18:00 - Where Bree grew up (hint: she’s a Packers fan) 21:33 - Bree’s Purple-Heart Story (Taliban Attack) 31:20 - The Aftermath - Medal Ceremony 35:30 - How did your co-workers treat you upon return to the U.S.? 38:20 - Real world mission (deployed) versus creating work (stateside) 41:27 - The struggle of making rank  7:50 - “If not promoting brings you to tears, you’ve gone too far” 52:30 - The WORST time you missed out on promotion (the is brutal) 57:00 - Step promotion surprise! 1:00:20 - The KEY to making MSgt quickly 1:02:20 - The power of mentors 1:05:00 - “My lowest point” - Representing the AF w/bout of PTSD/TBI 1:10:15 - When being labeled “the best” backfires - Toxic workplace 1:13:40 - Traumatic Brain Injuries and Mental Health Therapy 1:21:20 - Placing “Therapy appointment” down on your shared workplace calendar 1:26:22 - The pressure to save lives mid-crisis 1:28:40 - Retirement plans 1:29:50 - What does having a Purple Heart mean to you? 1:34:50 - Why I love Bree so much 1:35:30 - My afterthoughts on the talk w/Bree and I read some fan mail (Cory Deschenes)