Feb. 16, 2022

Sam Eckholm - Pursuing Your Dreams…Ready to Realize What’s Possible? - Ep 29

Sam Eckholm - Pursuing Your Dreams…Ready to Realize What’s Possible? - Ep 29
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Sam Eckholm is a social media content creator and Air Force officer with a passion for creating videos that showcase both the incredible opportunities available in the military as well as some of the coolest aircraft and military technology out there.

Time Stamps

0:00 - Intro

5:30 - What's your "why"?

10:25 - Why Public Affairs is an incredible career

14:20 - Joining the Elite F-22 Demo Team

21:00 - Vape City Baby! (Sam's approach to photography)

23:40 - How to make viral videos

31:00 - Being openly gay in the military and on social media

37:20 - Returning to a normal job after the demo team

42:30 - Why John Mayer is the man!

43:50 - Favorite place to travel to

45:35 - Does content creating get in the way of the experience itself?

48:30 - Who's your biggest mentor?

50:20 - Proudest Air Force moment?

54:10 - My wife and kids crash the show! Literally!

Sam grew up in Dallas, Texas before attending the United States Air Force Academy as a member of the class of 2018. Sam’s first assignment was to Langley Air Force Base in Virginia, where he was selected to travel with the F-22 Raptor Demonstration team for two seasons as their photographer and videographer, documenting the world’s most technologically advanced fighter jet at air shows all across the world.   Sam’s videos have showcased topics such as the thrill of flying in the back seat of an Air Force jet, an exclusive behind the scenes look at how the F-35 is made, and even what it’s like to fire the U.S. Army’s most powerful rocket launcher. To date, Sam has amassed over half a million followers and 55 million views across his social media platforms.