It's rare that vou come across someone with a passion for their work like Joshua White. He's taken on the challenge of sharing the stories of individual service members with the creation of his own podcast and maximizing his audience via social media. While he occasionally touches on sensitive topics, such as sexual assault in the military or suicide, he does so with remarkable professionalism, raising awareness to leadership and putting a face to the topic.

Joshua also brings the story of military service to the American public, increasing the pool of citizens that may be considering serving their country while providing diverse candidates to DoD recruiters.
Although there may be many voices and podcasts out there, Joshua remains original and gives the listener a real, unscripted conversation going deep into each story, bringing unique topics to light.
A professional Airman and member of the joint force, Joshua has represented the Air Force and Joint Force with great professionalism as a member and leader within the Honor Guard. A master of many trades, Joshua is also an experienced Program Manager, and leader in the Hospital and Health Care industry.
Simply put, Joshua is an instant upgrade to any organization that brings him onboard and someone that I would go out of my way to hire if the opportunity presented itself.

March 11, 2023 by Scott Stalker on This Website