'The Man In The Arena' - Lesson's Through Adversity: Isolation and Alcohol w/Author David Nordel

Dave Nordel is a retired United States Air Force Command Chief Master Sergeant with over 30 years of service; he is a registered nurse and emergency manager and served as a medic in areas of operations to include Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South America, Iraq, Korea, Japan, and Hungary. Dave grew up in a dairy farming community in rural Northern California and experienced all that brings to a young man raised in the late 60s and 70s. Dave left home at 19 to join the Air Force and ascended through the enlisted ranks to culminate as the senior enlisted leader for all nuclear missile forces in the United States. He is a Register Nurse specializing in Emergency Medicine and has vast experience leading small groups and large organizations. He has led city government activities and large organizations as an emergency manager for multiple communities through covid and other disaster situations. Dave lives in Montana and is an outdoorsman; he mentors and speaks to young leaders to aid their development and future successes. He continues to give back the gifts he has collected along the way.

His Book:

David (Dave) Nordel, CMSgt, USAF (ret), RN, BSN, MS

Emergency Manager, Motivational Leadership Coach & Speaker

Board of Directors Horse's Spirits Healing

CEO of Max Fab Consulting (A Veteran owned proprietorship)

Billings, Montana