July 13, 2022

Rochelle Hemmingway - "I SLAY, WE SLAY" Channeling Your Inner Okoye and Leading Out Loud!

Rochelle Hemmingway -
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"I officially retired on 1 Sep 2021 after serving 30 years in the United States Air Force. I served as an Independent Duty Medical Technician, First Sergeant, Inspector General Program Manager, Medical Group Superintendent and Command Chief Master Sergeant. I was able to overcome many obstacles and barriers as a black woman in chaotic, unconventional and dynamic environments. I served as a Command Chief Master Sergeant at Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota during the onset of the pandemic, social and racial injustices and significant changes in the mission. I created a lifelong hashtag mantra called #SLAY, as a way to motivate and inspire myself and others to authentically show up as the best version of themselves. I attached meaningful context to each letter of the word of adopted philosophies that I applied during my career and compel others to do the same; “S” stands for Stay Ready to Be Ready, “L” stands for Lead Out Loud, “A” stands for A Sense of Family and the “Y” stands for You Are Built To Last. I am now the founder and CEO of #SLAY TO SUCCE$$, a professional coaching business for high achieving women who desire to Kill It, to Dominate It and to Nail It, without sacrificing their health, careers, relationships and happiness. I’m on a mission to help women increase visibility, embrace empowerment and climb up the ladder of success that they desire and deserve."

 Talking Points 0:00 - Get fired up! 2:30 - #SLAY to Success - My thoughts on the book 8:00 - Who would play you in a movie? 11:05 - What's one lesson you learned from a great leader, and one lesson from a poor leader 17:08 - Proudest AF moment 32:19 - S - stay ready to be ready; preparation is key 33:05 - I stopped waiting; just started doing 35:55 - L - Leadership/lead out loud 36:27 - check on people; mini conversations; developing relationships 37:07- go out there; don’t shrink yourself 37:34 - don’t take a back seat; hands on the wheel 38:08 - A - a sense of family 39:08 - everyone is a person; everyone is somebody’s somebody 47:23 - People are fearful of people who have & own their personnel power 54:51 - strip away all titles, who are you? 58:40 - Y - you are built to last - The fight against COVID