Jan. 18, 2023

Kerry Steuart - “Taking Control of Your Trauma” How Yoga Saved His Life and Empowered A Community

Kerry Steuart - “Taking Control of Your Trauma” How Yoga Saved His Life and Empowered A Community
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Link up with Kerry here: I joined the Air Force in 1991 and planned on retiring after twenty years but unfortunately I was medically discharged in 1999.  I was suffering from migraines, pain in my legs and a few other issues but those two prohibited me from serving our Country. I eventually began to have battles with PTS that affected my home and work life. Although I might appear happy and healthy on the outside, on the inside I was truly struggling. I was struggling to find a purpose, an opportunity to serve. I was angry and bitter because I spent the next twenty years trying to find out what was the cause of my health symptoms and the VA Hospital was not very helpful. All this frustration and anger was taken out on my family, friends and colleagues. My eldest daughter had been suggesting yoga because she thought it would help my symptoms.  I started my yoga journey with a practice of mindfulness and meditation and what I discovered was that for the first time in a long time I felt calm and relaxed. I would pause any time during the day when a trigger or any type of anxiety occurred and perform a meditation practice. I had this practice for four months before I even stepped into a yoga studio. The true foundation of yoga is our breath and I have realized through this journey, that yoga is not just the hour on the mat, but the twenty-three hours off the mat. The mat sets the foundation for the rest of the day. Yoga does two things for us each and every day. First, it allows us to realize the things in our life that we are doing well and secondly, those things in our life that need work. Yoga is truly for everyone and it transforms our life from the inside out. I am a Gulf War Veteran who spent eight years in the Air Force. I have a BS in Business Management, a 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance and have been retired since 2014. Suffering from chronic pain and PTSD since my time in the military, I understand first-hand the numerous benefits of yoga and meditation for pain reduction and mental clarity.  I am a yoga instructor that recognizes and believes that yoga can cause both physical and mental transformations that result in less pain, reduced PTSD symptoms and a reduction in stress.  I provide a variety of classes that serve those looking for a physical challenge as well as a complete mindfulness/meditation practice. I realize that people come to the mat at all different levels with different intentions and I welcome everyone to come and make the class their unique yoga experience.   Moderation and balance are truly two of the greatest aspects of being mindful. Providing a variety of yoga including talks to the community through different facets allows me to connect with the community. I have to make sure to not overextend myself mentally, physically or spiritually, otherwise I will not be able to provide the type of positive energy to my family or  the community.