March 15, 2023

Ending Generational Trauma - “Psychologically Ready, Emotionally Steady” w/Caleb Vaden

Ending Generational Trauma - “Psychologically Ready, Emotionally Steady” w/Caleb Vaden
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Caleb Vaden is the Senior Enlisted Leader & advisor for the Air University's International Affairs and International Officer School, headquartered at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. He serves as the senior enlisted advisor to the Director of International Affairs and to the Commandant of the International Officer School on matters influencing worldwide engagements, reinforcing the United States' strong and adaptive global relationships, focusing on strategic integrated deterrence. He also advises on readiness, morale, welfare, training, discipline, effectiveutilization, professional development, force structure and deployments for all enlisted and officer personnel. He leads this highly specialized team to accomplish a strategic, national level organizational mission; Coauthors organizational strategy and mission statements, and lines of effort; Translates senior level intent; Directs human resource development & performance reviews; Leads organizational change through lean & six sigma processes; Advises Commander (CEO) on senior leadership adjustments, legal & environmental concerns; Check his book here: BOOT Leadership His LinkedIn here: