Sept. 14, 2022

Don MacPherson - Modern Leadership For A Rapidly Changing World

Don MacPherson - Modern Leadership For A Rapidly Changing World
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"I am passionate about creating positive employee experiences, teaching leaders to be more effective, and helping people reach their full performance potential, both at and outside of work. It's impossible for a person to be their best self if they are disengaged at work. That's why it's so important to create workplaces that are concerned about the well-being of their people. When employees are highly engaged, they live happier, fuller, healthier lives, their organizations flourish, and our society benefits as well."

0:00 - Get to know Don

7:50 - How to rapidly build teams

13:24 - Flexibility; freedom

13:35 - What I like about it is risk. Creating something from nothing.

18:55 - First question for entrepreneurs - How confident are you in YOU?

19:12 - Second question - How much money do you really need?

19:53 - Third question - Can you sell?

21:20 - "I Surrounded myself with people who had an elevated mindset."

31:05 - Learned how to be a leader by interacting with young people.

32:14 - Staying relevant.

33:42 - Leaders moral obligation is to prepare people for change.

34:35 - Constantly being reinvented and learning.

37:25 - What the future looks like for humanity.

42:50 - Brother Ali

47:30 - Lessons learned from mentoring juveniles in prison.

53:05 - The happiness formula

1:01:25 - Why I love Don so much