July 27, 2022

"We Both Had A Plan, We Both Failed" Picking up the Pieces and Navigating Our New Life - LIVE! At Black Rifle Coffee (Niceville)

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Myself and Mike Rosa sit down at Black Rifle Coffee in Niceville Florida to catch up. We moved from Whiteman AFB, Missouri to Eglin Afb Florida back in the fall of 2021 - At that time we were on top of the world and killing it in our careers. Everything that could go right - did go right - the sky was the limit and we were thrilled for our futures. Unfortunately, we both hit a dead end in our own unique way and this closed the door on our "Plan A" We were now facing the reality that a "Plan B" had to exist - where do we go from here?

Talking Points - Time Stamps:

0:00 - intro

1:17 - Mike Rosa

2:54 - Clear path

3:03 - Believed I could

4:00 - Cross training

7:34 - Been top notch

8:31 - Six months in a eight month course

8:55 - Failed test three times - got separated from program

10:42 - Josh - the worst career experience

11:06 - Josh - all time low; questioning my self worth and purpose

11:40 - Josh - that plan not happening anymore

12:35 - Mike - first time majored failed

15:28 - Mike - not healthy basing self worth making it in EOD

16:27 - Josh - caught up in titles or accomplishments for validation

17:30 - Josh - one thing learned - all eggs in one basket - no plan B

18:00 - Josh - caring too much what people thought

19:56 - Josh - be confident even when attacked

20:10 - Josh - rooted & confident In yourself & abilities without appraisals of others

30:36 - Josh - had good ideas but officer in charge shot it down

32:30 - Mike - take my ideas; giving me creative room; the one in charge not in control of it takes a lot of self growth

34:20 - Mike - washed out - what next?

36:36 - Mike - self respect by doing my job the best of my ability

38:20 - Josh - retire at 20. It hit me when I applied for a special duty and did not get it

42:42 - Final Thoughts - don’t invest in degradable aspects in life