From Father to Son: A Retired Airman Watches His Legacy Continue in the USAF w/Buck & Mike Holloway

Welcome to this really heartwarming episode of the HeroFront podcast, where we have a special guest, Buck, a retired Executive Officer of the United States Air Force. Buck served in the USAF for many years and worked with numerous generals during his time. Today, we hear from Buck as he reflects on his time in the Air Force and the lessons he learned. We also have ANOTHER incredibly special guest - SrA Mike Holloway, Buck's son!

Buck's son has followed in his father's footsteps and is currently serving in the armed forces. Buck shares his thoughts and feelings about watching his son serve and the legacy that he and his son are creating.

Buck's experience in the USAF has taught him many valuable lessons about leadership, perseverance, and teamwork. He shares these insights with us, offering valuable advice for anyone who aspires to serve in the military or any other leadership role.

As we listen to Buck's stories and insights, we can feel the pride and legacy that he and his son are creating. We learn about the sacrifices that the military and their families make and the importance of supporting them in any way possible.

So, whether you're a military veteran, a family member of someone who serves, or simply interested in hearing about the experiences of those who have served our country, this episode is for you. Join us as we hear from Buck, a true American hero, and gain valuable insights into leadership, perseverance, and the legacy of service.

MSgt (ret) Thomas “Buck” Holloway is currently the executive assistant to General (ret) Dave Goldfein. Responsibilities of his current position are maintaining and executing all administrative duties for General Goldfein in is civilian portfolio.. Buck Holloway entered the Air Force in April 1982 and retired from active-duty July 2002. He completed Basic Military Training with the 325th Training Squadron at Lackland AFB, TX in June 1982, followed by attending Business Administration training at Keesler AFB, MS. Mr. Holloway retired from active duty on 16 June 2002 and went directly into a 19+year civil service career. Buck retired from civil service in March of 2020.

SrA Michael T. Holloway is a Reports and Analysis (RA) Technician Clerk currently station at 325 SFS, Tyndall AFB, Florida. Responsibilities of his current duty position are maintaining the units MAJCOM compliance with Air Force Justice Information System incident reporting/criminal record history, Consultant for local United States Federal Magistrate court, Provide Air Force Justice Information System administration support for 325 FW and 30 Tentative units and is the point of contact for criminal incidents and traffic accident reports. SrA Mike Holloway entered the Air Force in December 2019. He completed Basic Military Training with the 326th Training Squadron at Lackland AFB, TX in February 2020, followed by Security Forces Academy with the 343rd Training Squadron, Lackland AFB in May 2020. SrA Holloway has since been stationed at Tyndall AFB, Florida. While at Tyndall AFB, he started out as a Response Force Member for the first year followed by Response Force Leader. SrA Holloway was selected to be a flight armor, and is now serving in his current role within Reports and Analysis.