Sept. 15, 2021

Todd Simmons: Airman, Author, and Courageous Leader - Ep 16

Todd Simmons: Airman, Author, and Courageous Leader - Ep 16
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Todd Simmons is the founder and Chief Vision Officer of Courageous Leadership Alliance. Todd has an international reputation in the field of education and leadership development.  Todd served over 25 years in the U.S. Air Force.  His final position in the Air Force was Command Chief for Air University where he led the professional development and education for 50,000 resident and 120,000 non-resident Air Force affiliated students each year.

odd is on a mission to create a coalition of change agents to build healthy organizational cultures with courageous leaders.  He is the author of Why Not Me (Born to Fail- Destained To Succeed) and 30 Days of Courageous Leadership.  He is a sought after coach, business consultant, and speaker for many national and international clients.