Dec. 8, 2021

Shā Sparks - Fired up Fearless Living! "Transforming Trauma Into Treasure" Ep 21

Shā Sparks - Fired up Fearless Living!
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Ever feel like you’re an imposter? Or maybe feel frustrated on how to clarify your vision or how to communicate more effectively with your team? Maybe, you are no longer Fired up about life right now, like you’re on a hamster wheel?

Well then, I am here to help you! Let me introduce you to Sha Sparks! She's the CEO (Chief Excitement Officer) of Sparks of Fire International & Certified Fearless Living Coach, she help leaders reignite their F.I.R.E. to take Fearless action, to be Intentional with communication, to acknowledge Resiliency and spark Excitement in life and business. She also helps Veterans and Small Business Owners step out of their comfort zone so that they re-ignite their passion into a more aligned purpose and transform it into increased profits.

When these leaders work with Sha, they experience a higher level of emotional intelligence, awareness, and gratitude, that allows them to lead from the heart and head with more clarity and alignment. After you listen to this episode take that first step out of your comfort zone today, and schedule your 30 minute complimentary discovery call. I spent time with Sha, and I'm headed towards the next level of my life and I never looked back!

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