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HeroFront is Awesome!

The podcast at large, hits on needed topics. I’ve also notice that there are life/shared experiences being brought to light. It’s very thoughtful. Keep Soaring!!!!

Real, Raw, 100 relatable for everyone

Working in drug & alcohol Addiction rehabilitation (and being in recovery myself), Josh's vulnerability into mental health & the stigma around it has helped me on some of my worst days. I'm not in the military myself, but have seen hundreds of clients from every branch suffer in silence, end their life, or cope through substance thinking mental health is never to be talked about- mind over matter- the worst type of weakness. If more people listened, I can't imagine how many relationships, families & lives would be saved. Best part is you can listen anonymously, yet know you're not alone. 100% recommended for all.

Great content!

Josh is insightful, thoughtful, and creates a such a comfortable environment for guests! I enjoy listening and watching the clips on Facebook and TikTok to help put a face to the names!! Excited to see who is lined up next!

What insightful interviews

Josh has a way of asking insightful questions that make the conversation go into a deeper level of his guests' experiences. Love what he's doing!!

Great podcast!

I love listening to this podcast. Always something new and interesting to listen to.

Hero Front

This podcast brings mental health awareness to another level. The perspective of our fellow troops, put into the spotlight makes it truly one to enjoy. Semper Fi. 🤙🏼🤙🏼💯🔥


Josh is a solid guy and an AMAZING Airman that gets it!! Great content on the first episode and I know there will be a LOT more to come! Lead on brother!